Apple Released A New Updated Build For iOS 9.3

The release of updated build version of Apple’s iOS 9.3 is aimed to deal with the issues which were there in earlier versions of iPad and iPhone. The iOS 9.3 beta 3 version is currently available through the public testing site of Apple Company for your iPhone and iPad devices. The several users reported that after upgrading the device to the latest version of iOS in the previous year, it got hanged and stop responding and could not be activated further.

Some users require entering their Apple ID and password when they upgrade their iPhone 5s and iPad Air iOS devices and earlier versions. It asks for set up the Apple device in order to accomplish the latest OS version update.

Features of new version of iOS 9.3

features of new version iOS 9.3In several years, iOS 9.3 is the biggest growth of Apple’s update in iPad and iPhone devices. It has a new feature which will change your habit of sleeping. Yes! It’s you heard it right, the iOS 9.3 version download we are testing for a long time after iPhone Night Shift feature to control the blue light level transmitted from the users device screen. There are few more features of new version of iOS 9.3 build such as, Apple Notes locked behind the password and tweaked News, Health and Apple CarPlay applications, multiple user support for students, and more.

Many news stories that suggest me not to go to bed before watching my iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6S plus or MacBook. However, the feature called Night Shift from this update of iOS I have been waiting for, it does not need to change my night time reading habit and working habit. Whereas, it will automatically change my iOS devices screen in night mode colors which helps me to read the books efficiently.

After updating your device to iOS 9.3 version, you can secure your important Notes with a password protected or with Touch ID. The idea of keeping feature as medical information or security codes is pretty much safe on your Apple devices. Let’s see how to maintain security for your private notes in latest version of iOS 9.3.  First, make sure that your device is running the iOS 9.3 build. Then, click on setting option and scroll down to notes preferences. It also allows you to provide extra security and protect certain notes in lock and fingerprint option.