Major Causes for SD Card Corruption

In these days, almost all users of digital gadgets such as cameras, camcorders, smart phones, iPods, etc. are using memory cards as extended storage device in these devices in order to increase the storage capacity in their devices. There are wide variety of memory cards are available in the market, and they are xD card, MMC card, CF card, SDXC card, SDHC card, SD card, TF card, and so on. Among these memory card types, most of the users prefer SD card in their digital gadgets, as it has many benefits like if you have root access to your phone, then you can optimize the RAM of your smart phone, and can increase it by partitioning the SD card, high speed data transfer, huge storage capacity, etc.

However, in spite of all these advantages, sometimes due to some known or unknown reasons SD card gets corrupt that makes entire data in SD card inaccessible. Some users are still unaware about the facts that causes SD card corruption. Now the question in user’s mind is what causes SD card corruption that results in inaccessible of the SD card? So, it is important for everyone to know what causes SD card to corrupt, so that one can be careful and try to avoid such scenarios in future.

What causes SD card to corrupt?

  1. File system corruption: Malfunctioning of your digital camera or smart phone’s operating systems that accesses the SD card can result in the file system of SD card to corrupt that in turn results in inaccessible of the device. Also harmful virus infection to SD card damages its entire file system
  2. Improper usage: improper usage of SD card results in the corruption of SD card. Actions like abruptly ejecting the SD card from the camera, smart phone, or from the system when read/write process is going on can result in corruption of the SD card
  3. Physical damage: Even though SD cards are resilient to physical impacts, and are water proof, they can tend to literally break down into pieces, if tried. Hence, getting the SD card device to face extreme physical conditions can cause some miniature devices to get corrupt
  4. Other factors: other reasons behind the corruption of SD card are bad sectors or bad blocks, manufacturing defects, over or extensive usage, etc.

If you have caught up in any of the above mentioned situations and looking forward for a best tool to get back your files from corrupted SD card, then you can make use of Remo Recover software and bring back all your files from inaccessible, corrupted, or damaged SD card with great ease. Most of the users format their SD card in such circumstances in order to bring back a corrupted SD card to a healthy state. However, if you have formatted your memory card after corruption, then still you can perform formatted micro SD card recovery task by utilizing Remo Recover tool.