Top Mac Data Recovery Software

As it is with Windows, even the Mac OS system get corrupted at times and as a result, the user ends up losing vital data forever. Few Macintosh users said that it is hard to find good Mac data recovery software. If you are unable to find efficient Mac data recovery tool then this guide is here to help you in this context. Continue reading.

Remo Recover for Mac

Remo Recover tool for Mac not only supports Mac computers to retrieve lost data or volumes, it is also capable of recovering data from iPods and other portable devices. Moreover, the software doesn’t require any technical skills and a plenty of understandable GUI are integrated within the utility to assist the users in getting the most out of it. Here’s a look at it impressive features:

  • Complete, reliable, safe, virus-free and read-only Mac data recovery software
  • Capable of performing Mac trash recovery, volume recovery, format recovery, RAW drive recovery
  • Supported file system types: HFS, HFSX, HFS+, exFAT and FAT file systems
  • Fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and earlier versions of Mac including Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, etc.
  • Free trial version allows you to preview recovered data before purchase

Other beneficial feature sets of Remo Recover include:

  • Humanized data recovery settings and preview ability: A wizard-like interface guides you throughout the data recovery process and a full preview of recovered data. Some unique traits of Remo Recover are listed below:
  • Pause or stop scanning of the drive whenever you want and even allows you to save the scanning result for future use.
  • All the files and folders will be shown with original file names and paths.
  • Search lost or deleted files with their names after scanning the drive.
  • Supported file type can be clearly examined in the preview before recovery.
  • Photos, emails, text files and word files can be viewed in the preview window as long as they are not overwritten.

Supports all file types, devices, and data loss scenarios: Along with powerful data recovery mechanisms, Remo Recover supports to retrieve all formats of data including images, audio, video, archive, email and various types of documents from multiple storage devices. Capable of recovering data from internal/external hard disk drive, USB drive, SSD, digital camera, memory card and more. In addition, it retrieves data deleted due to Shift + Delete keys, partition resizing, invalid partitions, device formatting as well as improper handling of storage devices.

Software to Repair WinRAR Inaccessible File

Hello friends!!! I have downloaded a WinRAR file internet but I am unable to access on my computer. I downloaded this file more than three times. But every time I got same error as a result of which I am unable to read data stored in WinRAR file. Is it possible to fix WinRAR file? Please give me suggestion how to fix WinRAR access denied.

Under such circumstances, you need to employ third party tool to perform WinRAR access denied fix in few simple steps. It helps you in repairing not accessible WinRAR files as well as corrupted and damaged WinRAR files. It is safe and secure tool so you can install this application on any system. It allows users to save repaired WinRAR files on hard drive partition or any external drive. Demo version is available on website so download and repair not accessible WinRAR file without any issue.

Scenarios which may corrupt WinRAR file

  • Due to interruption in file system due to power surge, system shutdown and removal of external drive may results in corruption of WinRAR files stored in any data storage device.
  • When WinRAR file is not downloaded properly due to error in download connection corrupts the file as result of which user is unable to access WinRAR file stored in system.
  • Virus and malware program is one of the major reasons for corruption of files stored in any data storage device. It happens when user connected external drive with infected system or vice versa.

In such severe condition, you can employ Remo Repair RAR tool to fix all of the above mentioned scenarios. This software is compatible with all the versions of Windows as well as Mac based machine. You are able to repair corrupted files from hard drive, external drive, pen drive, USB drive, etc.

Features of Remo Repair RAR Software

  • This software can be downloaded, installed and launched on all the versions Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • It easily repairs corrupt RAR files when user is having error message like “WinRAR access denied”. This software fix the error message within few simple and effective steps.
  • Demo version of Remo Repair RAR file is available online so users can download for free to repair WinRAR file from memory card, USB drive, external HDD, hard drive, etc.
  • It creates a copy of original WinRAR file and then repairs corrupt file which are not accessible on Windows or Mac based machines.

Know How to Recover Data from Bad Sector USB Drive

A sector on USB drive become inaccessible due to physical damage is called bad sector. In such severe condition, it is impossible to write data over the USB drive. Most of the users think that bad sector USB drive recovery can’t be carried out with any data recovery software.

But Remo Recovery tool is an advanced tool to perform USB drive bad sector recovery in few steps. This software can be downloaded and installed on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. This software is free from harmful virus so you can install this application on any computer or laptop. It consists of a special feature that allows user to search recovered files from list according to file name, file size and file type. You can also employ this program to recover data from hard drive, external hard drive and memory cards.

How to check and fix the errors with Windows system?

Windows is providing in built tool to check errors in any drive. With this tool, you are able to check disk which is having problem or become inaccessible. Follow the given steps in order to check errors:

  • Open Windows Explorer > Computer > Select Drive
  • Right click on drive and choose Properties
  • Switch to Tools tab and click on Check button
  • Click on the checkboxes “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”. Press on Start button

However, it is not always possible to fix the error with the in-built tool. Under such circumstances, you can employ Remo Recover tool to recover lost data from USB drive having bad sector.

Benefits of Remo Recover Tool

  • This software can be downloaded, installed and launched on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It supports data recovery from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems. Apart from USB drives, you can also implement this software on hard drive, external hard drive, memory cards and other data storage devices.
  • Demo version is available online so download and recover data from USB drive having bad sectors. With this free version, you are able to recover files up to 1GB.
  • Customer support team are always available to assist, in case user is having problem in recovering data from USB drive.

How to Recover Data from RAW USB Drive?

Everyone is using USB drive like USB memory card, USB external hard drive or smart media to transfer or backup important files temporarily. Alas, at times due to some issues USB drive ask you to format drive completely. This situation may result in RAW USB drive due to which user come across various symptoms like:

  • Files names contain “weird” characters
  • You get “Sector not found” error message
  • Windows system may ask to format drive
  • The file system is showing USB drive as “RAW”

Under such drastic condition, user is looking for reliable software to recover data from USB drive. Please suggest third party tool to perform RAW USB drive recovery in a reliable way.

Remo Recover is one of the advanced tools that recover files from RAW USB drive in few simple steps. This software is capable in recovering different file types such as media files, compressed files, MS Office files, Photoshop files, etc. You can employ this tool on all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. With the implementation of this software, you can easily resume recovery process and sort out files according to file signatures. It supports data recovery from RAW USB drive of different brands such as Transcend, SanDisk, Toshiba, HP, Kingston and many more. It is available online so that you can easily download and recover data from RAW USB drive.

Reasons of data loss due to RAW USB drive

  • Interruption while formatting or reformatting USB drive
  • Improper handling or use of USB drive on multiple devices
  • Virus or malware infection when connected to infected system
  • Abrupt shut down of system due to known or unknown may turn the drive as RAW

These are few reasons responsible for corruption of USB drive which turn drive as RAW. You can use Remo Recover software to perform data recovery with few mouse clicks. It also allows user to recover data from formatted, reformatted, corrupted and damaged USB drive.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac systems. You are able to recover all file formats including generic or RAW file formats.
  • With the use of this software, you are able to recover more than 300 file formats. It recovers JPG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, MOV, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MP3, DOCX, XLS, PPTX, PDF, PSD and so on.
  • Save Recovery Session is one of the advanced features that allows user to resume recovery process. Using this software, you are able to search recovered files according to file signatures.
  • Technical support is available to guide customers while recovering deleted or lost files RAW USB drive. You can take support from technical executive through phone calls and emails.