How Can I Format Write-Protected SanDisk Pen Drive?

Do you want to format the SanDisk pen drive which is write-protected? Since the pen drive is write protected, you are not able to modify files or even perform formatting due to restrictions with permissions. But here we will help you out in formatting write-protected pen drive in Windows by using Registry Editor or Command Prompt or you can also employ Disk utility in Macintosh.


Way I: Use the Registry Editor in Windows

  • Click Start and search for Regedit.exe
  • Double click on the program so as to launch it on your Windows platform
  • Navigate in Registry Editor for Computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM\
  • Now navigate in the SYSTEM folder: CurrentControlSet \ Control \StorageDevicePolicies

If there if is no such folder available then right click anywhere in the right pane of registry editor and point to “new” and click on “Key”

You can type a name for the key and double click on the folder, afterward, you can right click anywhere in the right pane of Registry Editor.

  • Now you should double-click on the value to the right of Write-Protect which is under Data column
  • You have to change “1” to “0” in the value data field and hit on OK
  • Now you can close the Registry Editor Windows and restart the computer
  • Right now, you have to insert the write-protected pen drive into an open USB slot on your computer
  • Once you right click on the pen drive, click on “Format” and select the formatting preferences according to your wish
  • The final step is to start the format process and Windows will format the pen drive by removing write protection

Take Diskpart in Command Prompt

  • Insert the write-protected pen drive into a USB slot on Windows computer
  • Click on Start button and type cmd.exe into search field
  • You can double click on the command prompt so as to launch the program
  • Type diskpart and hit enter
  • Then type list disk and press Enter
  • Type select disk x- x is related to the number of your pen drive listed in the command prompt
  • There you have to type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter
  • Type clean and press Enter
  • Again you have to type create partition primary and hit Enter
  • Type create partition primary and press Enter
  • Type format fs=fat32 and then press Enter. You can replace fat32 with ntfs if required
  • Type exit and hit Enter. In this way, your pen drive is formatted and no longer write-protected

However, there are other programs to remove write protection which helps in data recovery from SanDisk Cruzer as well as from other popular devices in a quicker manner.

Learn How to Perform Formatted Memory Stick Recovery

Memory sticks serve the purpose of external hard disks due to which it is highly vulnerable to virus attacks and several other factors; subsequently we get compelled to format the memory stick to get rid of the situation and avoid further trouble. Formatting creates the anxiety to get the lost data recovered from the memory stick which surely you can do now!

How to recover formatted memory stick?Photo

Well this is the question which you had been looking for! And the answer to this question is Remo Recover; Yes! Remo Recover is an amazing formatted memory stick recovery utility which ensures the successful and full recovery of data from any kind of memory stick or say external storage device. Remo Recover has an awesome track-record of recovering data successfully from numerous memory sticks and is recommended by professional data recovery specialists across the world.

Moreover, this software is read-only software which does not alter or modify the original content of your data and revives the lost data in its original version itself. This is to be known that once the data is lost, one must not over-write the memory stick because that would hinder the recovery procedure of Remo Recover.

Commendable features of Remo Recover:

Remo Recover is a complete package of noteworthy attributes and techniques to restore data from formatted memory stick. This software supports sophisticated deep scanning algorithm to ensure that the desired job is being executed successfully. Remo Recover possesses various unique characteristics listed below:

  • This software provides robust yet easy-to-understand and decent interface which includes all the options to tackle with every recovery need. Even the naive users can operate this application comfortably.
  • Supports data recovery of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 etc file system based partitions very easily.
  • This program is compatible with most of the versions of Windows OS, viz. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 7 and more.
  • Remo Recover is a digitally signed recovery program which implies that this software is entirely free from viruses or any other malicious entities and assures you a totally safe run on your system.
  • You can avail almost all the features of the licensed version in the demo version itself.

Demo version of this program includes two major features,

  1. Preview
  2. Open & Close Recovery Session

You can directly view the recovered files right after the scanning process using ‘Preview’ option in the demo version only which makes this product different from others’. In addition to it, you can go for ‘Save Recovery Session’ feature to avoid repeating the whole scanning process in future. This attribute saves the progress to the products’ directory. If, further, you like the functionality of the application and you want to buy the product, all you need is to select ‘Open Recovery Session’ and the scanning will resume from lastly saved progress. By doing so, you can immediately ‘Save’ the recovered files to your computer.

Steps to recover formatted memory stick using Remo Recover:

  1. Select ‘Partition Recovery’ option from the next screen.
  2. Download and install the software on your Windows machine and select ‘Recover Drives’.
  3. Now select the drive which you wish to be recovered and click on ‘Next’.
  4. You can ‘Preview’ the recovered data under ‘File Type View’ or ‘Data View’ option.
  5. Finally you can ‘Save’ restored data to your desired location.

How to recover data after formatting hard drive on Windows?

“I’m on Windows 8 and I was forced to format my internal hard drive due to hard drive issues. I never had a backup for the data that I had on my drive and unfortunately lost all the data after the format. Is it now possible to recover all the lost data from my internal hard drive on Windows 8 computer?”
You can easily recover files from a Windows 8 computer by making use of a Windows formatted data recovery software, which needs to be installed on your computer. To know how you can get a install and recover all the data from a formatted hard drive on Windows 8, watch the video linked below:

In the above video, you can see how easy and simple it is to recover data after formatting hard drive on your Windows 8 computer. The software used in the above video takes just a few mouse clicks to recover back the entire data from your formatted drive.
Hard drives are usually large in storage size and hold thousands of user related files in it. These files are of huge importance to the user and might not want to lose it under any circumstances from his hard drive. To combat data loss, the user needs to have regular backups saved to a safe folder on his computer.
Whenever you have a full and updated backup, the chances of you losing data to accidental format and so on is almost zero. All you’ll have to do is just restore the data from the backup. However, there may be a few users who may face an unexpected situation such as corrupted hard drive and may be forced to format the drive with an error thrown to them.
When such situation strikes your hard drive, it is advised to not panic but rather get a recovery software to scan and restore the data after format. Also, you never have to be too worried when you have an error that forces you to format the drive. You can straightaway format your entire drive without having to worry about permanent loss of data from it.
However, what you do after the format is really important. All the data that you lost from your drive after format will still reside in the drive and is completely safe in the drive. However, you’re not supposed to write any new data onto the drive. When new data is written, it overwrites the previous data that is nothing but the data that you were looking to recover from your drive after format. Once your formatted data is overwritten, you cannot recover it back again.
So, what you’re supposed to do after formatting a drive is simple, just put it away and get a windows formatted data recovery software like the one used in the above video.
So, if you were here to know how to recover formatted data in windows 8, then all you need is formatted recovery software on your computer. If your drive wasn’t used for writing new data onto it, then you are assured of recovering formatted data off it using a good tool like the one used in the above video.