Locating Lost Pictures on your Computer

Consider a scenario, wherein you have taken several pictures during your long vacation. To view those pictures on your computer, you have connected your camera card to the computer and started the process. But, while moving, the process got interrupted and later when you opened to view the pictures, you found that some of the photos in your computer were missing.

Have you ever been worried and fed up of searching solutions to locate missing pictures on your PC? Well, you might have to save a lot of memorable pictures on your computer but there are several reasons that may result in loss of pictures and other files stored on it. So, do you think this is the end of it? No! to help you in such case, we are providing information on how to find out and restore lost photos on your computer in few mouse clicks.

When photos are missing from your computer you might search for solutions on the internet but due to ambiguity, you may not know which to use. In such situation, check for backup whether you have saved lost pictures or not. Then follow the methods as below:

  1. Stop using your device once pictures are missing from your computer
  2. Make use of reliable recovery tool

Actually, when pictures are missing from your computer you might worry, how can I find my lost pictures? Well, in such situation, you can easily recover photos but for this, you need to make use of reliable recovery tool. But, how to select a right tool? Well, to help you, we recommend to make use of professional photo recovery tool and in this regard, Remo Software has come up with Photo Recovery tool, which helps you to helps in recovering pictures of various formats such as BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, and so on. Even supports RAW image formats such as CRW, NEF, CR2, etc. This application is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

Recovering Images from a Formatted Mac Hard Drive

Most of the people think that all their images and other files is safe when stored on their Mac hard disk drive. But, no files are safer n any hard disk drives, as you can lose your data at any time. Just a simple human mistake or any application fault can wipe out all your data that are stored on your hard disk drives.

Formatting the hard drive is the main common reason behind loss of precious pictures and other files from hard drive. It may be accidental formatting or else the situation made you to format the hard drive forcefully. In both the cases, the ultimate outcome is data loss. In such situations, you may wonder can I recover pictures from a formatted hard drive.

The answer is yes, you can recover pictures from a formatted hard drive by utilizing a powerful and trusted data recovery software. Before going to know how to recover photos from a formatted hard drive, you need to know the scenarios under which you may format your Mac hard drive

  1. You may select a wrong partition or Volume when you want to format one of the Volumes on your Mac system
  2. While installing multiple operating system in the same Mac device, you may select a wrong drive and hit format option
  3. Formation of excessive bad sectors, formatting errors, hard drive corruption, hard disk failure, etc. are the other situations in which you may format your Mac hard disk drives

Can I recover pictures from a formatted hard drive?

Yes, definitely you can recover all your pictures back, unless you have not saved any new files on the formatted hard drive. If you overwrite new files on the formatted drive, then it decreases the chance of photo recovery. So, as soon as you format your hard drive, stop its further usage and make use of Remo Recover application to undelete files after quick format of the hard drive in few easy-to-execute steps. Just download and install the free demo edition of the software on your Mac system, and then launch it. Demo version, with its advanced scanning technique, scans the entire formatted drive and recovers all the files and folders including the image files within couple of clicks. Then, it permits you to view the recovered files in File Type View or Data View, thereby you can evaluate the tool prior you purchase the tool. If satisfied with the tool, then purchase its complete version and save the recovered images at your destination place

Features of Remo Recover application:

  1. It restores all formats of image files such as PNG, DNG, TIFF, GIF, NEF, BMP, CRW, ARW, CR2, JPEG, etc.
  2. This software can recover generic images and RAW photos from all popular camera brand such as Kodak, Panasonic, GoPro, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm, etc.
  3. With this software, you can retrieve images, videos, audio files, documents, spreadsheets, system or program files, games, and many more from hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, and other storage devices
  4. It is well compatible with file systems like HFS, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, etc.
  5. Supports recovery of images from different hard drive interfaces like SATA, SCSI, IDE, PATA, SSD, etc.

Easy Solution to Recover Data from Canon Camcorder

Here are the various actions that cause loss or deletion of data from Canon camcorders:

  1. One of the most common reasons behind deletion of data from Canon camcorder is accidental deletion of data. User may unintentionally press Delete All key while previewing files or else while removing unwanted files, he or she may delete few important files
  2. Improper usage of the camcorder also leads to loss of data. Recording videos even after camcorder displays low battery warning message, trying to save videos when the camcorder’s memory is full results in data loss
  3. Interruptions like sudden power outage or abrupt removal of camcorder or camcorder’s memory card from the computer during read/write operation can cause data loss
  4. Camcorder corruption or when the file system of the camcorder ‘s memory card is corrupted, then it results in severe data loss
  5. Formatting the camcorder intentionally or unintentionally without having data backup leads to permanent deletion of entire data
  6. Other technical issues such as hardware malfunction, virus infection, deletion by third party tools, etc. leads to data loss from camcorder

Camcorder is a compact electronic device that is capable of capturing videos and audio data such as a movie for later playback. Usually, the recorded videos is stored on an external storage device such as memory card inserted in camcorder. Like other storage device, data such as recorded videos and audio files can get deleted or lost from the camcorder. However, frequently occurred data loss scenarios are mentioned above. If you have lost or deleted your Canon camcorder data in any of the above discussed scenarios, then here is good news for you. Canon camcorder data recovery can be easily done with the assistance of Remo Recover software.

Canon camcorder data recovery with Remo Recover tool:

Whatever may be the reasons behind data loss, movies or videos shot using Canon camcorder can be easily recovered with the help of Remo Recover software. To recover data from Canon camcorder, just download, install, and run the free trial edition of this program on your computer, by connecting your camcorder to the system. It performs deep scanning of your camcorder and recovers all your missing or erased data within couple of clicks. Once, it completes recovery process, permits you to view the recovered files in File Type View or Data View. To save the recovered files at your destination place, you need to activate the program.

Advantages of using Remo Recover software:

  1. Remo Recover tool restores all media files including videos, images, music files of all formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, WAV, MP3, NEF, CRW, CR2, ARW, RAW, GIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DNG, and many more
  2. It runs well on almost all Mac versions such as Mac El Capitan, Yosemite, Sierra, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  3. Apart from Canon, it also supports all other major brands of camcorders and cameras such as Nikon, Kodak, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, etc.
  4. Supports recovery from almost all kinds of storage devices such as xD cards, SD cards, SDXC cards, SDHC cards, MMC cards, CF cards, micro SD cards, external hard drives, pen drives, flash drives, thumb drives, and so on
  5. It does not make any changes to the content of original files, as it operates on read only mode

Simple Tool to Recover Deleted JPEG File

Hi Everyone!!! Yesterday system is turned off abruptly while transferring images from mobile to system as a result of which all images become unreachable from users. It is horrible for users when files including image get deleted from system. Can anyone suggest third party tool to perform deleted JPEG file recovery software?

Remo Recover software is an efficient tool to restore deleted images as well as lost pictures from PC or laptop. This software is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows as well as Mac operating systems. With the application of this software, you are capable in recovering images of different file formats such as GIFF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, etc. It enables user to bring back generic photos as well as RAW images. Using this advanced tool, you are able to recover JPEG pictures from various brands of digital cameras such as Kodak, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony Olympus, Canon and many more.

Reasons responsible for deletion of images

  • Sometimes while removing unwanted JPEG pictures, user unintentionally deleted entire folder. If the size of images exceeds the maximum size limit of recycle bin folder then there are possibility that picture folder bypassed recycle bin
  • Sometimes due to virus infection or malware programs JPEG picture might get corrupted or damaged as a result of which user is unable to access JPEG images stored in drive.
  • Formatting and reformatting is also a reason responsible for deletion of JPEG photos from drive. It wipes out all files including JPEG images from drive with a press of format button.

Under such drastic condition, you can use Remo Recover tool to recover deleted JPEG pictures from system. This software consists of plenty of advantages over other data recovery application.

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • Employed on all the versions of Windows and Mac based machines
  • Recover almost all image formats with few mouse clicks on system
  • Compatible with 32 bit as well as 64 bit Windows operating system
  • Save Recovery Session is an advanced feature that allows users to resume recovery process

Learn How to Perform Deleted JPEG Recovery

  1. First of all, download the software on your Windows or Mac PC or laptop. Then launch the application in order to proceed JPEG recovery process.
  2. Once you launch the app, you have three options on main screen. Choose Recover Photos option to recover JPEG images from system.
  3. Then you have simply two options on screen. Select Recover Deleted Photos in order to perform JPEG image recovery.
  4. Now select the drive from which you want to recover JPEG picture. The software presents recoverable JPEG images on screen.
  5. Select important images and press Preview button in order to test the performance of image recovery tool.

Free Tool to Recover Pictures from Memory Card

Photos play a vital role in everyone’s life. It can be marriage photos, birthday party pictures, or the photos captured during your trip with family and friends. All of us usually capture images during various events from our digital cameras, smart phones, or camcorders. We normally use memory cards in our digital media devices so that all the captured images will be stored in the memory card.

Now, let us consider a scenario where you have captured hundreds of photos during your recent trip event with your family. Later, while you are previewing images from your digital camera, you accidentally pressed Delete All option, due to which all the photos captured were deleted. Yes, it is very painful situation that can’t be compared to anything else. Don’t worry and get upset, just go through this page and learn how to recover permanently deleted photos from memory card using professional image recovery tool known as Remo Recover software.

Prior learning how to recover permanently deleted photos from memory card using Remo Recover, it is important to know few data loss circumstances that lead to deletion of images from memory cards, so that you can try to avoid such scenarios in future.

Accidental Deletion: Every human commits mistake as no one is perfect in the world. While previewing photos or while deleting ugly images from your camera you may accidentally press Delete All button. Or else, while erasing useless images, you may accidentally delete few memorable photos along with them

Pictures Transfer Interruptions: Pictures gets deleted or lost when there is an interruptions while transferring photos from memory card to computer or vice versa. Interruptions occur due to sudden system shutdown due to power outage, or abrupt ejection of memory card from the system

Deletion by Antivirus Tool: As the memory cards are used on various electronic gadgets including computers, they are easily prone to virus or malware infection. When you scan your memory card with antivirus tool, virus infected images will be automatically deleted without any notice

Other Reasons: Deletion by third party users, intentional or unintentional formatting, file system corruption, formation of bad sectors, etc. are some of the other photo loss scenarios from memory cards

Software to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos from Memory Card:


As a first step of deleted photos recovery from memory card, stop further usage of your memory card to prevent saving of new files on the memory card, as overwriting reduces the chance of recovery. Then, apply Remo Recover software, which is popularly known as best photo recovery software and restore deleted and lost images from your memory card in few clicks. Just implement the demo version of this software to test the recovering ability of the tool before purchasing. Demo version is equipped with advanced scanning technology, using which it scans, recognizes and recovers all types of image file formats in no time. Then, it allows you to preview the recovered photos before saving. If satisfied, purchase the complete edition of the tool and save the recovered pictures at your desired location. Please check it out here to know step by step procedure to recover photos with this software.

Features of Remo Recover Utility:

  1. Remo Recover program is proficient in recovering different formats of images such as NEF, RAW, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, CRW, CR2, ARW, PNG, DNG, and many more
  2. It supports different types of memory cards like xD card, SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, MMC card, Micro SD card, and so on
  3. Memory cards of all leading brands like SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Transcend, Toshiba, HP, etc. are supported by this tool
  4. Besides memory cards, data from other storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives, computer’s internal drive, flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. can be recovered with this tool
  5. It is compatible on various versions of Mac OS X including Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, EI Capitan, etc.
  6. Apart from images, you can even restore videos, audio files, word documents, presentation files, spreadsheets, PDF files, HTML and XML files, system files, and many more

Ultimate Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Thumb Drive

People often prefer various kinds of devices to store and transfer the data. Thumb drives are one such kind of drives used in computers to serve the same purpose but simultaneously they are vulnerable to data losses too. However, you can recover deleted files from thumb drive using Remo Recover Mac utility irrespective of the reason of file deletion.

Remo Recover Mac: Great utility to undelete files thumb drive-sd_card_recovery

Remo Recover Mac has been proved to be a milestone in the field of data recovery which successfully retrieves all kinds of data from all the Mac based machines like images, videos, PST files, RAR files, documents etc. regardless of the source of storage device. Also, this tool is feasible for recovering files from crashed, formatted/reformatted, damaged and RAW thumb files.

  • Provides a simple GUI to help every kind of users to operate through it with clear instructions at each step.
  • Is compatible with HFS, HFSX, FAT and ExFAT file system based partition recovery.
  • Can recover files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays.
  • Works pretty well with the major versions of Mac such as Yosemite, Lion, Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion etc.
  • Remo Provides a 24*7 back up of highly proficient customer support team.

In addition to all these, Remo Recover Mac is very user-friendly and result oriented program which is equipped with several unique features and give users the privilege of availing almost all the features of licensed version in the demo version itself.

  • Specially designed ‘Mac Finder Styled Interface’ helps users to ‘Preview’ the recovered data right after scanning.
  • ‘Save Recovery Session’ is an exemplary features which saves significant amount of time of the users by allowing them to save the on-going scanning progress which could be resumed further, when needed.
  • ‘Open Recovery Session’ assists in resuming the scanning process.
  • Using ‘Find’ tool you can search for particular file from the list of recovered files.

Data loss scenarios:

Either mistakenly or intentionally, certain actions lead to data loss like thumb drive getting corrupted, improper ejection of thumb drive from the Mac computer, some interruption while transfer of file between drive and Mac.

Steps covering recovery of deleted files from thumb drive:

Remo Recover incorporates a quick process of file recovery involving few steps which could be achieved by hitting several mouse clicks prior to which, connect your affected thumb drive to your Mac computer.

  1. Install and download the demo version of the software, which comes for free on your Macintosh machine and select ‘Recover Files’ from the main screen.
  2. Click on ‘Recover Deleted Files’.
  3. Now choose the icon representing thumb drive and click on ‘Next’ to start with the scanning process.
  4. You can examine the recovered data using ‘Preview’ option under ‘File Type View’ or ‘Data View’ as per your convenient.
  5. If you liked the product, make use of ‘Save Recovery Session’ and ‘Open Recovery Session’ appropriate.
  6. Hit on ‘Next’ to restore deleted files from thumb drive back on to your Mac computer.

It is recommended to avoid over-writing the effected thumb-drive right after the data-loss because over-writing hinders the data recovery process and highly reduces the chances of complete data recovery.

Steps to Restore Photos from Corrupted Memory Card

Special advantages of Remo Recover application which helps us to restore photos from corrupted memory card:sd_card_recovery

Peoples usually use memory card to store their precious photos, videos and some important files. If the photos stored get deleted due to memory card corruption and you want to restore those lost photos then by installing Remo Recover (Windows) software you can easily do photo recovery corrupted memory card with simple recovery process steps as discussed in next session. Remo Recover is designed with few useful and smart recovery techniques due to which it can retrieve photos from corrupt memory card, USB drives, external hard drive and other storage media. It also helps you to restores photos from formatted, inaccessible memory cards. Preview feature is provide by the application to verify the recovery process of photos from memory card once before saving those recovered files to destination path. It is user friendly with all edition of Windows Operating System so the recovery of photos and all types of files can be done without any difficulty.

From the above advantages, we come to know that Remo Recover program is the most efficient application to use for restoring photos from corrupted memory cards.

Steps to retrieve photos from corrupted memory card by using Remo Recover (Windows) software:

Step 1: You should download the free demo application of Remo Recover (Windows) program on your system and install it.

Step 2: Connect your memory card to your Windows system and launch the installed program by running it.

Step 3: In home screen you need to select one appropriate recovery button out of three.

Step 4: Choose the memory card drive which you need to retrieve photos and you have connect.

Step 5: By selecting next button, the tool starts its recovery process to retrieve photos.

Step 6: After the recovery process, it displays all recovered photos list. You can verify it once using preview.

Step 7: Finally, buy the tool from online and use save recovery session to save as all recovered photos files from corrupted memory card.

From the above recovery process of Remo Recover application you get all the lost / deleted photos from corrupted memory card within few steps.

Reason for memory card corruption:

  • Virus issue: Virus or malware is one of the dangerous programs which causes problem to user by deleting the files or corrupting the disk. When you attach your memory card to malware infected PC, then it might damage or corrupt your memory card and it leads to delete of photos and important files present in it.
  • Sudden eject of memory card: When you are transferring some files or working on memory card by connecting it to the system, if you eject the memory card accidentally or Purposely then it results to damage of memory card and you lose important files like photos, videos and some files.

These are some reasons for photo loss from corrupted memory card, but it can be resolved by installing Remo Recover program on your Windows Operating System as we discussed till now.

Tool to Find Lost Photos on Memory Card

Finding lost photos in the memory card is very easy with the help Photoof Remo recover software; this tool is specifically designed to find lost photos on Memory card. By utilizing the advanced powerful algorithm this tool deeply scans your memory card and fetches all the deleted or missing pictures in it.  It can also recover different forms of RAW image files and any type of photo file formats like  TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc. This tool has the ability to find lost photos on memory card that is formatted or broken due to any reasons. Once the lost photo is recovered you can save it to any desired location which is accessible by the Windows operating system.

Key attributes of Remo Recover:

  • This tool can recover the deleted photos from digital camera of different brands like Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, etc.
  • Remo recover application can recover photos from external storage devices including memory cards, flash drives, FireWire, USB, digital cameras, etc.
  • It has the potential to restore all media file types which includes  video and digital RAW photos which are captured by using professional DSLRs.
  • Once the lost pictures are recovered you can sort them in to the basis of name, size, date and file type and it also provides signature search and find tool for fast processing of pictures.

Additional benefits of Remo Recover:

  • You can recover the lost photos on memory card in all the versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.
  • Remo Recover tool provides very simple and friendly graphical user interface to the users so you will not find any difficulties to utilize this software.
  • It consists of unique features like inbuilt option which allows you to view all the recovered photos and save recovery session which saves you precious time by avoiding the rescanning of drives in future.
  • This tool is very much safe and secure because it is free from malware or virus infections,  this tool does not affect your system files.

When Remo Recover is useful?

  • You might lose your pictures when interruption occurs during the transfer of pictures from memory card to computer or vice versa.
  • Because of virus or malware infections your photos might get affected and becomes inaccessible in the memory card.
  • Other factors like using same memory card on multiple devices and due to turning camera off unexpectedly displays a Memory card error.

How to install Remo Recover?

Download and install Remo Recover toolkit on your Windows operating system and launch the application. Click on Recover Photos option and Select the connected memory card from where you have to recover the photos. Click on Next button to start the recovery process. After the completion of recovery process you can view the recovered photo file by using inbuilt preview option. Finally you can save the recovered photos by using save feature which is available only in the licensed version.

Software to Recover Damaged Photos

You may have come across many scenarios where the photo might get damaged and deleted, and it needs to be recovered. Actually, it is possible with a software called Remo recover. This ensures recovery of your precious photos with few simple clicks. Remo recover is trusted across all parts of the globe and can be used reliably. It is the best and well known damaged photo recovery software among its competitors. There are some cases which damages and deletes the photos and this understands it very well so that it is able to give better results in recovery process.

Main Features of Remo Recover

  • Recovers all kinds of file types such as photos, audios and videos even if they are corrupted, damaged or inaccessible.
  • Supports damaged RAW photo recovery from almost all major camera brands such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, etc.
  • The scanned photos can be previewed and sorted on basis of name, file size and type of the file thus allowing easy access to recovery.
  • It allows the recovered photos to be compressed before saving and you can able to save them to your desired disk drive thus it saves a lot of disk space.
  • Supports all Windows file systems and works on all Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 10.

damaged photo recovery softwareThe salient features of Remo Recover extend and this article is not going to finish. The software is built by professionals and experts around the world and thus it can be able to perform all the tasks in a time and also its powerful mechanism for recovery process of damaged photos.

Cases of Damaged Photo Deletion

  • The corruption of camera firmware may lead to the damaged photo and thus have to recover it.
  • Unintentional deletion of photos may be the primary cause of the photo deletion and you have to be careful while carrying out the process of bulk deletion.
  • Frequent insertion and removal of SD card and using it on multiple devices may cause the damage and even the deletion occurs.
  • File and photo transfer interruptions can cause damaged photos and it needs to be recovered.

Those are a very few among a long list of cases that lead to photo deletion. The damaged photo recovery can be done safely with Remo Recover and it assures the same to its users.

Steps in Recovering the Photos

You have to just download the software by following the above link and launch it. The software is provided with a simple interface that can be used by anyone for the purpose of photo recovery. You need to select “Recover Photos” on the wizard that appears on the screen. Then select “Next”, it will guide you to the next step where you have to select the drive to start scanning for photos. Clicking next will scan the entire disk for photos and gets you the results depending upon the size of the disk. You can either select File type view or Data type view to display the photos accordingly and it also allows you to preview them. That’s all, the damaged photo recovery is done with simple steps. It can be done easily by anyone, right.

Photo Recovery Software

Technology has taken a new dimension so is our life style. We take more photos now than ever before; Capturing photos with our neighbors or nature’s true beauty are less popular. Now people are interested in selfie. Every one knows to find the photos, files in our PC, but some of the users are not aware of what to do in certain situations like corruption, loss or deletion of photos.

Some of the reaPhotosons why users are keen to use photo Recovery software?

  • Because of an accidental deletion, where users accidently delete photos permanently or empties Recycle Bin leads to data loss.
  • Photo loss can occur during a file transfer from external drive to Mac hard disk drive or vice versa.
  • Removing of memory cards from camera while the camera is in use leads to photo loss.
  • Because of a virus infections.
  • Without using safe remove hard drive option while removing the camera memory card attached to the Mac OS leads to the photo loss.

Under such situations all the Mac OS users need recovery software to recover all the photos that is deleted or lost from HFS, HFS+ file systems. Remo Recover (Mac) Software allows you to recover all your photos with no effort. This application is very simple to use and more powerful enough to recover photos on Mac computers in smart and efficient way. It is the best jpeg recovery software  to retrieve your photos on Macintosh systems. Remo Recover software not only recovers your photos it also has the ability to recover all the media files including audio and video etc.

Attributes of Remo Recover Mac

  • The powerful built-in algorithm detects and retrieves all the lost or deleted photos on your Macintosh Computers; it scans your hard disk to detect all the media files like audio, video etc.
  • Simple easy to use graphical interface does not require any technical skills and views all the recovered files in Mac finder styled interface.
  • The application identifies and stores file names after recovery; provides Macintosh user to arrange all the recovered files on the basis of file name, date and type of the file.
  • You can execute Remo Recover Mac on varies Mac devices such as iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini etc.
  • It provides a preview option to view all the recovered files; “Save Recovery Session” is available to save the recovery session that avoids the rescanning of volume in future.


Benefits of Remo Recover Mac:

  • The application supports Mac OS such as Mac OS X, 10.5.x and above including Yosemite.
  • Remo Recover Mac can detect more than three hundred file types and you can recover almost all photo formats Like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD etc.
  • Recovers RAW image file format stored on professional DSLR digital camera and camcorders of numerous manufacturing brands such as Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.
  • Demo version is available with free of cost.