How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint File on Windows Computer

“I have a project due and prepared a PowerPoint file for it which took almost 4 hours to complete. Today I was looking to add a few more info into the said PowerPoint file and when I tried to open the same, the file threw an error saying it cannot be opened. How can I open a corrupt PowerPoint file on my Windows computer that was alright a few hours ago?”

One can easily fix a corrupt or damaged PowerPoint file on Windows OS. All that a user needs is a software to repair PowerPoint file that has gone corrupt on his computer.

If you haven’t heard of any PowerPoint repair tool that can be employed to repair or fix corrupt PPT files, then you can watch the below linked video that shows how to repair corrupt PowerPoint file on Windows computer.

From the above linked video one can conclude how easy and effortless it is to repair PowerPoint files on one’s computer. A PowerPoint file that you create might include dozens of slides in it too. Losing all these slides in a single second might be catastrophic so it is highly recommended to maintain a backup for all your PowerPoint files and have it saved to a safe location on your computer.

PowerPoint files might have a large number of text and pictures clubbed into it. These files are highly prone to get corrupt while they are saved on your Windows computer so it is not advised to live dangerously when you know what’s going to happen.

There are hundreds of different ways how a PowerPoint file gets corrupted on your computer and one cannot predict what might cause your file to get corrupt as well. Here, I’ve highlighted a few causes for PowerPoint file corruption that is quite commonly seen on a Windows computer:

  • A PPT file might go corrupt when you try to change its file extension.
  • A PPT file with a large number of slides consisting of text and images might also go corrupt due to the increase in number of different file types in it.
  • Viruses in the hard drive might specifically target the PPT files that are saved on the drive. On the long run, some or all your PPT files might turn corrupt.

During such scenarios, it is better to repair the corrupt PPT file on your computer by making use of a recommended software to repair PowerPoint files on Windows. By using a good repair tool, you are guaranteed to successfully repair the PowerPoint file and retrieve all the contents off it but however if an already corrupted or damaged PowerPoint file is repaired with the help of an unrecommended PPT repair tool, then the chances of further corrupting down your PPT file is more.

When the PowerPoint file gets corrupted beyond a particular range, then it sometimes becomes impossible to repair it. So, it is highly advised to rely on a good PPT repair tool to repair corrupt PPT files on your computer so that none of your data is lost or changed while your file is being repaired.