Effective Software to Repair AVI Video Files on Mac OS X

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a multimedia file format to sync both audio and video. When AVI file gets corrupted, it can be difficult to fix them, if you are not knowledgeable about system files and how to fix them. But, thankfully there are ways to repair these AVI files so that you can watch your favorite video files again or share them with friends and family. Here, you can make use of Remo Repair AVI software to repair corrupted .avi files in just few simple clicks.

Remo Repair is an advanced AVI file repair software to repair broken AVI files without making any changes in your original AVI file. Thus, the users don’t have to worry about the modifications or any sort of damage to their videos while using this tool. Repairing corrupted AVI files is done in such a way that, tool separates both audio and video streams, then fixes it thoroughly and again adjoins them to make it a playable video.

What are the common instances which are responsible for corruption of AVI files?

  • If AVI files are compressed using unreliable third party applications in order to reduce the file size, then there are chances that it may corrupt your video file and make it unplayable.
  • When AVI header gets corrupted due to any unknown reasons, then it is sure that your AVI videos will become inaccessible.
  • AVI video files might get corrupted, if there are huge number of bad sectors which damage the hard disk drive where your video files has been stored.
  • Abruptly ejecting the storage drive or terminating the Macintosh system while AVI files are being transferred may corrupt the video files and make it unreadable.
  • Other reasons for AVI video corruption includes incomplete download, malfunction of application, CRC error and so on.

From time to time having the backup of your valuable video files is the only thing that will save you from the aforementioned problems with AVI video files. However, when you don’t have backup of your corrupted AVI files make use of Remo Repair AVI. It can easily fix corrupt AVI videos on Mac and make it playable within mere seconds.

Features that made Remo Repair AVI software popular

  • Prominently repairs corrupt, broken or inaccessible AVI files quickly
  • It is safe to repair AVI files by using this tool as it is free from all sort of external threats
  • Simple GUI of the tool helps every individual to use the software with ease for repairing damaged AVI files on Mac OS X
  • All types of error messages that is displayed by the corrupt AVI file on Mac will be fixed using this tool
  • Along with fixing AVI files, it can even repair DIVX and XVID video files on various platforms of Macintosh system
  • Ability to repair corrupted AVI video files present in different external devices such as hard disk, pen drive, memory card, USB drive and many other
  • Offers free demo version of Remo Repair AVI program, so that the user get an idea about how to repair corrupted .avi files within few easy steps
  • Remo’s technical support team is available round the clock to solve all user queries related to software and repair process

Safety measures to avoid AVI file from corruption

  • Do not remove storage device in between file transfer process
  • Always keep backup of your memorable AVI files
  • Play your AVI videos in supported media players
  • Try to avoid interruptions while downloading AVI file from Internet