How Can I Format Write-Protected SanDisk Pen Drive?

Do you want to format the SanDisk pen drive which is write-protected? Since the pen drive is write protected, you are not able to modify files or even perform formatting due to restrictions with permissions. But here we will help you out in formatting write-protected pen drive in Windows by using Registry Editor or Command Prompt or you can also employ Disk utility in Macintosh.


Way I: Use the Registry Editor in Windows

  • Click Start and search for Regedit.exe
  • Double click on the program so as to launch it on your Windows platform
  • Navigate in Registry Editor for Computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM\
  • Now navigate in the SYSTEM folder: CurrentControlSet \ Control \StorageDevicePolicies

If there if is no such folder available then right click anywhere in the right pane of registry editor and point to “new” and click on “Key”

You can type a name for the key and double click on the folder, afterward, you can right click anywhere in the right pane of Registry Editor.

  • Now you should double-click on the value to the right of Write-Protect which is under Data column
  • You have to change “1” to “0” in the value data field and hit on OK
  • Now you can close the Registry Editor Windows and restart the computer
  • Right now, you have to insert the write-protected pen drive into an open USB slot on your computer
  • Once you right click on the pen drive, click on “Format” and select the formatting preferences according to your wish
  • The final step is to start the format process and Windows will format the pen drive by removing write protection

Take Diskpart in Command Prompt

  • Insert the write-protected pen drive into a USB slot on Windows computer
  • Click on Start button and type cmd.exe into search field
  • You can double click on the command prompt so as to launch the program
  • Type diskpart and hit enter
  • Then type list disk and press Enter
  • Type select disk x- x is related to the number of your pen drive listed in the command prompt
  • There you have to type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter
  • Type clean and press Enter
  • Again you have to type create partition primary and hit Enter
  • Type create partition primary and press Enter
  • Type format fs=fat32 and then press Enter. You can replace fat32 with ntfs if required
  • Type exit and hit Enter. In this way, your pen drive is formatted and no longer write-protected

However, there are other programs to remove write protection which helps in data recovery from SanDisk Cruzer as well as from other popular devices in a quicker manner.