How to Recover Data from Crashed External Hard Drive

Things get worse when you find out your external hard drive crashed, but still there is a solution called recovery. For doing recovery, you need to use reliable software to recover crashed external hard drive called Remo Recover. This software is specialized in recovering data from all types of disk drives and even crashed hard drives.  Getting data back itself is a tough challenge, when it comes to crashed external hard drive you may think it is impossible, but with Remo Recover it is a cakewalk. Let’s see it in detail on how it is possible.

Key Attributes of Remo Recover

how to recover crashed external hard driveAs the software needs to do the best in recovery, it is fully packed with all the essential components. Let’s see the key attributes of Remo Recover software.

  • It supports HFS, HFSX and HFS+ file systems, so it can be able to recover files and folders from almost any drive in Mac operating system.
  • It uses powerful and functional algorithm to find files by scanning deeply within the sectors of the drive.
  • It works well with RAID partitions and scans deeply in crashed external hard drive. Supports more than 300 file types for recovery.
  • Find option is included to find the specific file by searching it with the name and it can be sorted on basis of the name, type and size of the file.
  • Supports recovery of data from Mac operating systems such as Mountain Lion, Yosemite and El Capitan.

Steps in Recovering Data

First take out the crashed external hard drive and connect it in a working pc or laptop. Install the tool in the Mac system and launch it.  A wizard will display on the screen, choose “Recover Partitions / Drives” and select next to go to the next screen. Then, choose “Partition Recovery”. Selecting next will scan the entire crashed hard drive and shows you the entire directory structure with all the files and folders which were lost or deleted.

This interface is very simple and very easy to use like Windows. While scanning the hard disks having bigger size, simply pause the scan and select “Save Recovery Session” and you can resume at any convenient time. It will save your valuable time and energy.

Reasons behind External Hard Drive Crash

There are many reasons which crash the hard drive; some of the common reasons are as follows.

  • File transfer interruption leads to errors in hard drive. Repeating the same will lead to the crash.
  • Viruses are intended to make harm to the computer system, this also affects external hard drive and resulting in crash.
  • Changing the file system repeatedly and formatting will also cause the external hard drive not working.

Things to Avoid

There are certain things you need to avoid. One of them is trying any other unreliable software to recover data from the crashed hard drive. There is a chance that it may alter the hard drive’s file system and it hardens the recovery process. Also don’t try to repeatedly format the disk drive. After full version evaluation, you will be able to save the files to the desired drive.