How to Recover Data from Formatted Internal Hard Drive

Remo Recover has a simple approach to recover lost data from your formatted hard drive.

It is never a good time to lose all your data at once. Luckily, when help is at hand in the form of Remo Recover software, you are never far from successful data recovery.

One of your internal hard drives is infected by a virus. You use an antivirus software trying to get rid of the virus. However, the software fails to eliminate all the threats. You copy some files to a different hard drive and decide to format your internal hard drive. Only after you hit the Format button, you realize that there were some files that were very important to you. It is too late as the entire data on your hard drive is gone.

You can still recover all the lost data using Remo Recover software. We look at the recovery process in this article.

In order to successfully recover all your data, you should not add any more files to your hard drive. As of now, only the address tables of the data have gone. The data is still present. You can restore it only if you do not overwrite the hard drive.

Reasons for data loss

  • Accidental deletion of files by a user while working on them.
  • Virus or malware infection can corrupt the files, resulting in data loss.
  • Any damage to the components of your hard drive can mean a loss of data. It is always advised to take a regular backup of your data.
  • Abrupt system shutdown or a power outage in the middle of file transfer process.
  • Accidentally formatting your hard drive.
  • If you are sharing data over a network, unauthorized people or hackers can steal your data. They can even damage the entire network if they have sufficient access.

Data recovery using Remo Recover software

Remo Recover software provides a simple solution to your problem on how to recover files from formatted internal hard drive.

The recovery software can restore several file types ranging from your office documents to your videos, audios, images and so much more. The file recovery is carried out by thoroughly scanning the entire drive for lost or deleted data. The software returns all the files it has recovered. If you do not find the file types you are looking for, you can always add a new file type using the Raw signature search option.

The software can retrieve data from deleted/lost/formatted/re-formatted partitions as well. Once Remo Recover completes the recovery process, you can preview the restored files using the Preview option. If you are satisfied with the data that is recovered, you can then save it to a destination folder of your choice.

You can fully recover formatted hard drive data using Remo Recover software.