How to Restore Files on Windows 7

“I have a Windows 7 computer that is not showing some of my files on its hard drive. The drive seems to be missing some files off it, so is it possible to restore files from Windows  7 OS in a safe and secure manner?”

It is certainly possible to recover files from Windows 7 internal hard drive, however to perform this, you need a data recovery software for windows 7. Using a data recovery software, it just takes a few minutes to scan, recover and finally restore back all the data to a safe folder on your computer.

Below is a video that will take you through the entire tutorial on how to recover files from Windows 7 hard drive with the help of  a recovery software.

As shown, it is that simple to recover data from an internal hard drive on Windows 7 OS.

The data from a hard drive can be lost due to various reasons and such scenarios can strike a Windows 7 computer at any moment and cause huge data loss situations. To combat this issue, a regular backup needs to be taken at all possible times.

This backup needs to be saved on a different drive and not on the same computer from which you’re taking a backup. During hard drive failure, you may not be in a state to recover the backed up data from the backup that you have created.

So, with a backup, you are always guaranteed to get back all your data. Now, lets look into some causes that result in data loss on Windows 7 OS:

  • One of the main causes for data loss from hard drive is hard drive failure on Windows 7. Windows 7 users have a history of losing files to hard drive failures, wherein all your data gets permanently lost from the drive and cannot be recovered again.
  • A power failure during data transfer is another major cause for data going missing permanently.
  • Physical damage to the hard drive can also result in you losing your data permanently from it.

If you happen to lose data from a hard drive on Windows 7, then there is one major thing that you need to know. All your data that is lost from a Windows 7 computer can be recovered back because the data still resides in the hard drive even though it doesn’t show up when connected to a computer.

This data remains as long as you don’t write new data onto your drive and can be recovered using a data recovery tool as shown in the above video.

However, if you write new data, then the new data overwrites the previous data and you lose it permanently. The previous data is nothing but the data that you were looking to recover from your drive. You wouldn’t wish to lose this data, so it is advised to not use the drive after losing data from it and recover files from windows 7 using a data recovery software for windows 7.