How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Hard Disk

Hard disk drive is one of the most important part of a computer. All-important files including user’s data such as videos, photos, document like Word, Presentation, PDF, Excel and program data are all stored on computer hard disk. So, a hard drive data loss will be a serious issue. In this article, you will learn common causes that will delete files from hard drive, followed by things happens in the background when data is deleted and in the end, possible ways to recover erased data from hard drive will be given.

Some common causes behind deletion of data from hard disk

  • Computer crash due to Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or improper shut down
  • Accidental format of your hard drive result in data loss
  • Deletion of files and folders on HDD by any third party tools
  • Making use of system restore or reset to factory settings will delete entire data on the hard drive
  • Repartitioning of your hard disk may corrupt an intact partition resulting loss of data
  • Increased number of bad sectors on hard disk drive causes freezing of the PC and leads to inaccessibility of data

What happens when files are deleted or hard drive is formatted?

There is a common misconception that files are actually removed from HDD when you delete it. But, the fact is that, when files are deleted from hard drive, the operating system does not erase the actual data, instead, it only delete the address pointer of that file. By deleting the pointer, the file becomes invisible to the OS and the hard drive will write new data over the area where the old file is located. Since, the file’s actual data is not deleted, there’s a chance to restore those data before it is overwritten.

Useful tips for a successful deleted file recovery

Please stop using your hard drive after data loss. This is because, every time you write new data to the hard disk, you lower the chance of a complete recovery. So it’s better to avoid using that HDD until the files are recovered.

3 possible ways to recover deleted data from hard disk

  1. Restore erased data from Windows Recycle Bin: If you just remove your data by using Delete key and haven’t emptied the Recycle Bin, then just go there, select the data file which you want to recover and hit Restore.
  2. Retrieve files from your backup: If you regularly backup your hard drive, you just need to use the backup program and get back deleted data from backups. In case, if you don’t have backup, then it’s time to use file recovery software an easy way for you to do data recovery.
  3. Recover erased data from hard drive with Remo Recover tool: If you have already emptied Windows Recycle Bin and have no backups, then you need to use Remo Recover data recovery software.

Overview of Remo Recover data recovery application

Remo Recover is a professional utility that is capable of recovering deleted files from various hard drives such as SCSI, SSD, SATA, PATA, ATA and IDE. The software retrieves lost or deleted data from a hard drive that fails to mount or do not mount at all. It perform safe and instant recovery of deleted data from NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and ExFAT file system. Tool creates disk image of a hard disk containing bad sectors and later, you can restore data from it. Not only recover deleted data from hard drive, it can also restores data from different devices including USB drive, pen drive, flash memory cards, FireWire device, etc.