Know what apps Microsoft 2017 Build has in its new Update

There is another interesting update from Microsoft, that its latest operating system Windows 10 is present on 500 million devices across PC’s tablets and smartphones. In this content you will get an idea about the Microsoft updates in a detailed aspect:

  • Developers are able to customize the computer vision apps and API for identifying objects, food, humans and other important landmarks. This has been achieved with the help of image processing, deep learning, and other AI processing methodologies. Microsoft has introduced custom vision as a part of Cognitive services that includes almost 22 APIs that has been segregated under Speech, Language, Search and Knowledge.
  • Further, the company officials also mentioned that AI has been integrated into its products which includes Xbox, Windows and Office Apart from that, new visual tools are available under the PowerPoint Designer that is useful for creating new visual design properties in the PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint will now have a default Presentation translator that makes use of certain API that assists in real time translation through skipped slides. Microsoft further added to this, that the translator feature will display live transcripts in different languages by generating a unique URL code for audiences. The URL will also possess the translations which are preferable in real time.
  • Cortana is available for developers so as to help them in creating different skills and tasks that have been performed by Cortana. It seems that the code created by Microsoft Bot Framework allows developers to create AI bots can be integrated into Cortana in an easier manner.
  • Linux Bash Shell programming is managed by the Microsoft Azure. The use of bash allows developers to work with the editors such as emacs, vim etc. simultaneously the company launched Azure on mobile by launching it on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is about the Microsoft Visual Studio which has been launched for Mac users as well. It indicates that the integrated environment should be used by more number of developers for creating software, irrespective of the platform the developer is using. It also takes care of the users who are keen to know more about System File Checker which is resolved by the technical team.