Learn to Organize Mac Desktops

Let’s learn how to set up desktops by the mac experts. The steps and procedures are mentioned below so follow and learn to organize the Mac desktops.

It is very annoying while using 13 inch Mac system. But we have solution which doesn’t require purchasing of 15 inch model in order to enlarge the display. With the OS X 10.5 Leopard update, Apple introduced Spaces which allow you to create multiple desktop. Let’s how to set up Spaces on your Mac system:

  1. In order to set up Spaces, you need to enter Mission Control. First press F3 key and swipe up three fingers on your track pad.
  2. Assign a Hot Corner through System Preferences > Mission Control. Now move the cursor to the upper right corner and add a new space by pressing + button.

You can also navigate and manage your spaces according to choice. You don’t need to enter the Mission control every time in order to switch the spaces. There are number of easier steps to switch the spaces on your computer. You just need to swipe your fingers on the trackpad depending upon the set up gesture.

Follow below mentioned procedures to embed Spaces:

  1. In order to move an application or Windows from other spaces, you need to enter Mission Control and then drag the application or Windows to that particular space
  2. You can also assign an application to a particular space. In order to perform this operation right click on the app then choose Option and finally to the desktop to have the application always open in that current space.

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