Procedure to Repair the Issues Occurred in Mac OS Sierra

How we can easily repair the problems occurred in MacOS Sierra:

For Mac OS X 10.11 E1 captains user, Mac has released a new update called Mac OS Sierra but you might be facing some problems after the update of Mac OS to sierra, here we are list some of the problems occurred in Mac OS sierra and solution to fix them.

Mac OS Sierra gets freeze or crashes during the installation:

When you are installing or updating the Mac Os to Mac OS Sierra, if your Mac crashes or becomes unresponsive then there is simple solution to fix the issue.

Before installing or updating the Mac Os to Sierra, turn off your installed Antivirus program on your Mac because it might causes you some problem. Boot your Mac device to safe mode by pressing power button of your device and holding the shift key on your keyboard and then try to reinstall the Mac Sierra. It is also better to use WiFi connection to Wired connection while download and installing Mac OS Sierra on your Mac device.

Mac device don’t have enough space to install the Mac OS Sierra:

When you are trying to install the Mac Os Sierra, you might come up with an error message saying you done have enough space in Hard Drive to install the Mac OS Sierra then you need to restart the device and book the Mac to save mode. To perform this, you need to turn off the Mac device and after 10 sec press the power button.

In safe mode of the Mac device, you need to delete the unwanted files and tool or move the files to external storage device to free the disk space and then restart the Mac device to install the Sierra update.

Mac OS Sierra wont gets start on Mac device:

If you have installed the Mac Os Sierra successfully but unable to start on your Mac device then restart your device and in command hold P & R option which will reset Non-Volatile RAM. Next hold down until your Mac device gets restart and you will hear the startup chime. After hearing startup chime for second time release the holding keys. The PRAM will get restart soon.

Mac device starts running slowly after the Mac Os Sierra update:

If your notise that your device is running slow after updating the Mac device to Mac Os Sierra then it can be fixed by performing some simple techniques.

  • Restart your device and check whether still it is running slow.
  • Clean the cache of the Mac device.
  • Force stop of the application which are unnecessary and not used on your Mac device.