Software to Repair Corrupted .avi Files on Mac

software to repair corrupted .avi filesMicrosoft developed AVI file format, which stores both audio and video onto a single file synchronized. Compare to other file format AVI is less compressed than files like MOV, MPEG, and MP4 etc…but sometimes AVI file gets corrupted, while transferring or downloading file from the internet. In this type of situations make use of Remo Repair AVI file software to repair avi video files.

Steps to install and run the Remo Repair AVI file software on Mac OS:

Click on the link to download and install the software on Macintosh. Once the completion of software is finished, launch the application and wait till the first screen is displayed were “Browse” button is selected and click on “Repair”.  The repair process starts to fix the issue related to AVI file and once it completes the progress. After it would display “Preview” button, on clicking the preview option it would display repaired AVI file. And “Save” option is used to save the file on the system.

Features of Remo Repair AVI File Software:

  • Application is capable of fixing corrupt, damaged or inaccessible avi, divx or xvid file formats.
  • If the audio and video file is not synchronized then this software can repair and get back onto normal AVI file format.
  • This tool is capable of supporting different operating system such as Mac and Windows.
  • Supports different devices like SD card, CF card, flash drive, hard drive, USB drive, Memory card, MMC etc…
  • Software repairs truncated and large AVI files.
  • It has property to fix AVI files which are recorded by DSLR and camcorder.

Scenario’s which are responsible for corruption of AVI files:

  • Sometimes the AVI file won’t play in any media player due to some error.
  • There are two situations where AVI generates error 1) Only audio can be hear, but no video is shown. 2) Only video can be seen but audio cannot be heared.
  • AVI file cannot be moved in forward or reverse direction.
  • While downloading AVI file from the internet, if net connection problem occurs then .avi gets corrupt  the file.
  • Transferring AVI file from one drive to another and suddenly interrupting and removing the device might cause damage to the avi.
  • Virus or malware might change the behavior of the video and cause to corrupt AVI file.
  • Other causes for AVI file getting damage is bad sector, improper download, application malfunction and so on…

Precautions to avoid AVI file get corrupt or damage:

Always use trusted application to download AVI file from the internet. Make use of powerful and effective anti-virus to remove malware or virus from the system and keep it healthy. Avoid removing the device while transferring AVI file from one drive to other. Use supported and trusted media player to run the AVI file.