Solved: MOV file not playing in VLC media player


Remo Repair MOV software helps you play MOV files seamlessly on the VLC media player

What is a MOV file?

A MOV file is an Apple QuickTime movie file that is stored in a QuickTime File Format (QTFF) container file. These MOV files store audio, video, and text in the same file through different tracks.

Both your MOV and MP4 files are lossy compression formats i.e, parts of the file are trimmed to obtain a smaller size. Hence, most of the videos online are of MOV or MP4 formats.

VLC media player is one of the widely used applications to play different video formats. It comes with a lot of codecs, thus preventing you from downloading any extra plugins. Several users use VLC media player as the default player for their media files.

Why doesn’t VLC player play MOV files?

There are times when you cannot play your MOV files on VLC player. Here are few reasons why:

  • Corrupted MOV files: Your MOV videos could be corrupted or damaged when its download is interrupted or due to an incomplete download.
  • Encrypted MOV file: A Digital Rights Management (DRM) encrypted MOV file cannot play on your VLC player. You have to download DRM removal software and then attempt to play the file on VLC player.
  • Codec issues: MOV container has several kinds of audio and video coding formats. An MOV file that is encoded using H.264/AAC is playable on most devices, while MOV file encoded using QuickTime codec is not compatible with Windows systems. VLC players come with their own set of codecs. Hence, an incompatibility might occur between codecs of MOV file and VLC media player.

If you are unsure about MOV file being corrupted, just play the file in another media player. If it plays without any issues, then there is a problem with some settings/codecs of your VLC player.

Using Remo Repair MOV

Remo Repair MOV software can rectify all problems associated with your MOV files not playing on VLC media player.

The software works by analyzing the entire video, separating audio and video parts of the file to identify the problem, fixes the problem, before joining both audio and video to create a playable MOV file. Hence, your original MOV file is unaffected.

NOTE: Before you start using Remo Repair MOV software to solve incompatibility issues with MOV file or repair the corrupt MOV file, it is suggested to provide a healthy video file as reference. This healthy video file should have the same format and codecs as that of your corrupted video file.

You can go for Remo Repair MOV if your .mov file won’t play in vlc media player. Sometimes, all you see is a black screen when you try to play your MOV file. Now, this is a clear sign of corrupted .mov file as a decoder might be missing.

You can resolve this quicktime mov file black screen error using Remo Repair MOV software.

Just install the software. The user interface is pretty simple. You can follow the on-screen instructions quite easily to solve the error of MOV file not playing on the VLC media player.